Can You Use an Outdoor Pizza Oven in Cold Weather? Here’s What You Need to Know

There’s nothing like a good homemade pizza to bring life to all your parties and get-togethers. With a homemade pizza, you’re in complete control of the ingredients you can put in it. And if you’re a pro at it, you can even make healthier, better-tasting pizza for your family and friends.

However, you might be having second thoughts when it comes to hosting your next pizza party. After all, your huge concern is that you reside in an area with a cold and wet climate. Due to that, you might be considering rescheduling your upcoming pizza party to a date when the sun is shining brightly.

Now, this begs the question: can you use an outdoor pizza oven in cold weather? Can you only use your beloved pizza ovens during sunny, dry days? Luckily, you’re free to use your equipment, even if it’s winter! Here’s everything you need to know about using these pizza ovens during adverse weather conditions below.

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Preparing Your Outdoor Pizza Oven for Use in Cold Weather

Snow Covered Pizza Oven

Can you use an outdoor pizza oven in cold weather? As previously stated, you can! Because of that, you don’t have to reschedule your much-awaited pizza party. So, even if your weather forecast indicated that snowfall would take place on that day, you don’t have to worry about being unable to use it.

Furthermore, most outdoor pizza ovens are built to withstand terrible weather conditions. As long as you do the basic maintenance, your oven should last for a long time. But of course, you will have to make the necessary preparations to ensure that your outdoor oven won’t suffer from any problems as you use it during colder temperatures.

With that said, here are the following preparations you can to your pizza oven when using it during winter or cold weather:

  • Before anything else, make sure to get rid of any dirt or other substances found inside your pizza oven.
  • Once you’re done removing any debris from your oven, you can now thoroughly clean it according to your oven’s cleaning instructions.
  • Make sure to wipe dry any extra moisture or snow in the interior and exterior of your oven.

Once you’re done doing the steps above, your oven is now ready for use!

For quicker cooking times, it’s highly recommended that you pre-heat your pizza oven ahead of your pizza party.

How to Use Your Outdoor Pizza Oven Efficiently in Cold Weather

Fortunately, it’s perfectly safe to use your oven in cold weather. However, you face the struggle of not getting your oven to heat up quickly. After all, lower temperatures mean longer heating times and more fuel use. On top of that, you will also have to ensure your oven stays hot enough for you to cook all your pizzas.

Of course, the process will vary depending on the type of outdoor pizza oven you own.

With that said, here is how you can use different outdoor oven pizzas efficiently in cold weather below:

1. How to use your wood-fired outdoor pizza oven efficiently in cold weather

Some homes nowadays use a wood-fired pizza oven. So, it’s not surprising if your home also has one on an outdoor patio. Besides, they provide a tasty, distinct taste to pizza that’s likely attributed to the wood utilized in baking.

But even though this type of oven is known to heat up really fast, getting it hot during lower temperatures will still be a challenge. Because of that, you should use hardwoods to create a fire for your wood-fired pizza oven. Besides, a hardwood’s heaviness makes it produce more heat.

Wood Pile

These hardwoods include the following:

  • Ash
  • Beech
  • Birch
  • Maple
  • Oak

Ideally, oak should be your go-to choice out of all the hardwoods listed above. And fortunately, oak wood is not difficult to obtain. Moreover, they’re greatly favored since they burn hotter, unlike other wood varieties. Make sure to add your hardwoods bit by bit until you produce a decent fire for baking your pizza proportionately.

You should start by adding three or four hardwood pieces into your oven. After lighting up the wood you initially added, you can put additional wood until your oven reaches the optimal temperature for baking.

2. How to use your gas outdoor pizza oven efficiently in cold weather

Many pizza makers and enthusiasts prefer gas outdoor pizza ovens due to their efficiency. With this type of oven, you can easily adjust the temperature. But unfortunately, outdoor pizza ovens are more fuel-hungry during colder periods. Due to that, you have to make sure that you have tons of fuel to use for your pizza party.

To avoid consuming too much fuel when baking your pizza, you can always opt for a gas blend of isobutane and propane. This fuel combination works wonderfully in lower temperatures and will last longer compared to just using pure fuel for your gas outdoor pizza oven. Isobutane is a lot more costly, though. Gladly, you can invest in another good fuel mix if isobutane’s price is not within your budget.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable blend, you can go for a butane and propane blend instead. Do note that this blend will be less effective than a propane and isobutane mix. Nevertheless, it’s still a great wallet-friendly option if you own a gas outdoor pizza oven.

3. How to use your coal outdoor pizza oven efficiently in cold weather

Coal outdoor pizza ovens are also a fantastic choice for baking your pizza. However, one downside to them is that they’re not as quick in cooking pizza as wood-fired types. But you can expect a pizza with a crunchier crust by cooking them in this kind of outdoor pizza oven.

Generally, you shouldn’t just use any coal when baking your pizza in a coal outdoor pizza oven. And to guarantee prolonged burn times, it’s recommended to use first-rate, hard coal when baking your pizza in a coal outdoor pizza oven.

Anthracite coal is an excellent pick for this purpose. Other than its extended burning period, this coal contains lesser contaminants and greater amounts of carbon. Furthermore, anthracite coal also doesn’t generate a lot of smoke. Because of such reasons, it’s no surprise that many expert pizza makers use this type of coal.

Other Tips to Consider When Using Your Outdoor Pizza Oven in Cold Weather

You’re now close to becoming a professional in using your outdoor pizza oven in cold weather! So, it wouldn’t hurt to add a few more recommendations and tips for your upcoming pizza-making.

So, aside from noting the preparations and tips above, here are other tips you should consider as well when using your outdoor pizza oven in cold weather:

1. Consider placing your outdoor pizza oven in a shed or garage

Despite an outdoor oven’s known durability, it can still be damaged, especially if liquid gets to the oven’s cooking surface. So, it’s ideal if you place your outdoor pizza oven in a place that covers it from snow, sleet, and the like. That way, you won’t have to deal with moisture getting inside your oven as you use it.

2. Make sure to dress warm, but do ditch the long, flowy scarves for safety purposes

Dressing warm is important, especially since you’ll have to brave through cold weather as you cook outdoors. Do get warming gloves that have excellent grip as well. Besides, the last thing you’d want to happen is a pizza to fall due to your slippery gloves.

In addition, it’s best if you ditch wearing scarves and other flowy fabric when you’re working nearby your oven. These articles of clothing are a hazard to open flames, so it’s much better to leave them out of your winter outfit.

3. Don’t forget to cover your outdoor pizza oven after use

Make sure to cover your outdoor pizza oven properly, even when you’re not using it. Even though most outdoor pizza ovens are built to last long, constant exposure to moisture will damage them. If your outdoor oven is portable, make sure to move it to your shed, garage, or any area that won’t expose it to rain, snow, and the like.

Wrapping Up

Can you use an outdoor pizza oven in cold weather? Yes, you absolutely can. Just make sure that you dress warm, so you don’t shiver as you watch your pizza cook. In addition, make sure that you have plenty of patience when heating your outdoor pizza oven. Due to colder temperatures, your oven will take longer to heat.

But despite the struggles, your hard work will surely pay off. As long as you follow the recommendations and tips listed above, you’ll be greatly rewarded with a fresh and delicious pizza afterward. And since yours is coming directly from your oven, you’ll have a hot snack that’ll warm you up well during the cold weather!

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