Ooni vs Roccbox Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Finding the right pizza oven for you is a big deal. If you are a true pizza lover, your outdoor pizza oven is going to see a LOT of use. So, making sure the oven you choose is going to suit you and your needs is not something that can be overlooked.

Long gone are the days of trying to cook real pizza in an ordinary oven (hopefully!).

The outdoor pizza oven market has come so far that it has actually made it quite hard to pick the right oven. A common question that always pops up is Ooni vs Roccbox – which should I get? While they are both amazing ovens it is going to come down to your own preferences. Hopefully, this quick head-to-head will help make the choice clear to you.

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Ooni Pizza Ovens

Ooni Karu 16 Outdoor Pizza Oven with Pizza

Ooni has been making quality pizza ovens for a while now. They have deservedly carved out a large piece of the pizza oven market pie when for themselves with their high-end multi-fuel ovens. Ooni is renowned for its sleek design and easy-to-use ovens that require little effort to clean and consistently produce great-tasting traditional pizzas. The Ooni is of modest price and is a great return on investment for pizza fanatics.

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Here are the pros and cons of the Ooni Karu outdoor pizza ovens:


  • Only takes 15 minutes to get up to temperature
  • Multiple heat sources (including gas, wood, charcoal, etc)
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean stainless steel body
  • Replacement parts can be purchased online for a reasonable price


  • If you used gas you need to purchase the gas attachment separately for a small fee
  • Some foldable models don’t feel as sturdy as their non-foldable counterparts
  • Using fuel sources such as wood can be difficult for first-time pizza oven users
  • Some Ooni pizza ovens are only capable of making up to12-inch pizzas (which is only a con if you plan to make bigger pizzas) But you do have the option to purchase the larger more expensive 16-inch pizza oven.

Roccbox Pizza Ovens

Roccbox Outdoor Pizza Oven

The Roccbox is an excellent alternative to the Ooni bosting a large cook surface and portability that the Ooni doesn’t quite compete with. The Roccbox emulates the heating pattern and pizza style of a traditional wood-fired oven surprisingly well given its modest price and compact size. Whether you are a home pizza newbie or a seasoned pizza chef the Roccbox should definitely be in the running for your next outdoor pizza oven. Be warned, the Roccbox requires attention from the chef, you can’t just place the pizza in the oven and walk away as you would with some other pizza ovens. But, given its rapid cook time, it won’t require your full attention for long!

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  • Decent cook surface size
  • Multi-fuel type (gas and wood)
  • Emulated traditional wood-fired pizza oven heating pattern
  • Pizza peel included
  • Safe-touch silicone cover
  • One minute cook time!
  • Highly portable
  • Built-in thermometer


  • Wood burner is not included
  • Small opening can make rotating pizza difficult (especially for beginners)


When you put these two great brands head to head there are a lot of overlapping similarities that make comparing them slightly difficult. For many people, it might just be best to toss a coin if you are not exactly sure what you are looking for. If you are sure, here is a breakdown of where each outdoor pizza oven thrives.

Fuel source

If the fuel source is important to you the choice should be pretty easy. The Ooni is best for wood or charcoal whereas They are both great for gas. Each is compatible with both sources of fuel, though they may require an additional attachment as mentioned above.

Beginner friendly

They are both reasonably beginner friendly. However, the Ooni without the gas attachment may be a little difficult for first-time pizza chefs. Conversely, despite its small opening which makes rotating the pizza difficult, the Roccbox is much more beginner friendly.

Cook time

They are both about the same when it comes to cook time. Both will cook a pizza in less than 2 minutes. In my experience the Ooni pizza ovens heat up a little faster.

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Hopefully, this has made your decision a little easier when comparing the Ooni and the Roccbox head-to-head. While they are both very high-quality outdoor pizza ovens, Ooni probably comes out slightly ahead.

It is all about personal preference, even if you simply pick the one you like the look of best.

Good luck!

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