Roccbox by Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven Review

Roccbox by Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven Review

Homemade pizza is one of the most challenging things a home cook can face and with good reason. Making the perfect pie at home may be complicated and time-consuming unless you have the power of a magical pizza stone. However, with the increasing availability of portable pizza ovens, preparing pizza at home is becoming less intimidating. The Gozney Roccbox Outdoor Pizza Oven is one oven that has received a lot of attention.

The Dome’s sleek marketing and clean presentation offer many exciting features, with the assurance of a professional-grade cooking experience packaged perfectly in a modern and stylish oven. The Dome looks beautiful with the logo visible from the front, and the Gozney name stamped into the metal interior.

In this article, we will talk about the notable features of this pizza oven. Read to learn more!

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Why Listen to Me?

My name is Joanne Drake, my dad used to own a pizza shop when I was a young girl, so pizza is in my blood. I know what it takes to make great pizza since I’ve been around it more then the average pizza lover.

For this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Roccbox by Gozney and weigh in on its features.

Green Roccbox by Gozney


  • Weight: The Gozney Roccbox weighs 20kg. It is a little on the heavy side for some people, making it tough to carry. Nonetheless, it is portable and simple to assemble.
  • Dimensions: The external dimensions in inches are 16.3 x 21 x 18.6, while the cooking floor dimensions are 12.4 x 13.4.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage: This item is only intended for use outside. This oven warms up quickly and can reach temperatures of 950 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Colour Choices: This model is currently available in gray or green.
  • Gas: With the Roccbox, you may cook in your preferred method, whether dual wood, gas, or fuel.

Set-Up Process

Set-up is simple once you get it out of the box. Install the folding legs, select a fuel, connect the proper burner, and light it. With its carrying strap, you can take the Gozney Roccbox practically anywhere, making it simple to make a pizza at the park, barbecue, or while tailgating with friends. Using propane? Simply connect the oven’s regulator to your gas canister, turn it on, and cook. Using kindling? Fill the hopper with any hard, untreated wood and start a fire with a lighter. Your crust and toppings will enjoy a well-balanced bake no matter which method you use because of its dense insulation and intense flame.

Roccbox Assembly

Design and Functionality

The Gozney Roccbox shines in design, from its eye-catching silicone jacket to its domed shape and perforated fold-out legs. Beyond basic aesthetics, the experts at Gozney have spent a lot of time thinking about how to combine form and function. It starts the moment you open the packaging box: the oven has Velcro strips around it to facilitate moving it out of the box, and all of the printed materials that come with the oven are sleek.

The oven’s features are as attractive as they are functional. The gas has a contemporary design that complements the rest of the oven. A color palette represents different temperature zones on an easy-to-read built-in thermometer, so you can peek and see if it’s in the acceptable temperature range (800 and 900 degrees F). Even the peel is well-made: it has a short handle that makes it simple to manipulate and push pizzas into and out of the oven. The Roccbox’s silicone jacket kept the oven cooler, which is vital if you want your kids to join in the pizza-making.

Cooking Performance

Gozney is a brand with a brief but illustrious history of producing high-quality professional ovens for both household and commercial use. Externally, the oven appears to be from the 1960s. While the Roccbox may seem futuristic, it is built on architectural principles that aim to replicate a traditional pizza oven’s heat retention, insulation, and airflow – and it succeeds admirably.

After a regular preheating for about 15 minutes, the oven achieved a temperature that exceeded the 800 F limit. The oven chamber’s interior air temperature is at 795 F, with an average temperature of 748 F beyond the pizza stone. This result is not surprising, as it combines a thick 19mm cordierite pizza stone at the base with a calcium silicate supported Dome.

Roccbox Grey Color


Only one pizza can be made at a time due to space constraints. The slot is shallow, but because the cordierite stone bottom is built into the oven, it holds heat very well, allowing you to put another pizza immediately after removing the previous one without waiting for it to heat up again. The Roccbox can cook pizza in 60 seconds. You can use the pizza paddle to inspect the pizza after 1 minute, and you’ll have a perfectly cooked pizza.

Clean Up

It’s simple to dismantle and clean the Gozney Roccbox. Any residue left in the oven burns off and can be scraped away due to the high temperature. The oven can become quite smoky, especially if you’re using it to burn wood. Gozney recommends cleaning up your spills with just a little soapy water, which I found compelling. Less expensive pizza ovens are available, particularly those merely powered by gas. But the Gozney appeals to me since it’s constructed like a tank, and the company excels in commercial pizza ovens.

Verdict of Roccbox by Gozney Outdoor Pizza Oven

Final Verdict

The Gozney Dome is a multifunctional, high-end outdoor oven that lets you control the cooking atmosphere for the best results. The Dome allows for various cooking approaches, including slow-roasting meat over coals over a wood fire or fast churning out pizzas for a party, and has the insulation of a professional Neapolitan oven. It is an excellent option for anyone who wants to impress visitors with restaurant-quality pizza at home. This oven weighs 20kg and comes with retractable legs and detachable burners. Consider the weight if you plan on transferring this oven frequently. Overall, it’s a great pizza oven that excels in appearance, performance, and ease of use.

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