Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven Review

If you want to make an excellent pizza, then there’s no other way than getting an oven that’s specifically designed for pizza-making. It’s one of the reasons why portable pizza ovens are gaining popularity.

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Why Listen to Me?

My name is Joanne Drake, my dad used to own a pizza shop when I was a young girl, so pizza is in my blood. I know what it takes to make great pizza since I’ve been around it more then the average pizza lover.

For this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven and weigh in on its features.

Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven Features

Solo Stove Pi pizza oven with a pepperoni pizza.

To better understand if Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven is suitable for you, it’s best to get acquainted with some of its notable features.

Heats Up Quickly

When the propane attachment is turned up to its max setting, it takes the pizza stone about ten minutes to reach 650 degrees Fahrenheit, and after twenty minutes, it reaches 780 degrees Fahrenheit. Compared to most pizza ovens on the market, this oven heats up pretty fast.

Second, this pizza oven amazingly heats back up very quickly after you cook your first pizza.

While the stone warms up during preheating, it immediately begins to cool down when the first pizza is placed on it. The system relies on the stone to cook the bottom part of the pizza. Hence, the second pizza will lack texture and color if the stone does not recover heat quickly. This is why you must property preheat and reheat your oven after every pizza.

With some pizza ovens, there is a necessary five-minute wait time before you can use it again because the stone needs time to reheat. Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with such an issue with Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven. This oven is a must-have if you want to have a pizza party. It just takes two minutes to allow the oven to heat up again after removing the first pizza.

Excellent Hot Airflow

The way the hot air circulates inside the oven is impressive, and it works more like a convection oven. The interior design helps to ensure that these fire pits produce little to no smoke and contributes to the portable grill’s uniform heating.

According to Solo Stove, the construction style is referred to as “Demi-Dome Construction,” and it generates convection airflow that evenly distributes heat throughout the oven.

The openings at the oven’s base allow cold air to be sucked in and the air is warmed as it travels through the flames. The pizza is cooked evenly on all sides, thanks to the way how the hot air is moved within the oven.

Furthermore, because of the excellent hot airflow and even heating, it’s possible to place a cast iron inside the oven to cook other meals like steak and vegetables, etc.

Multiple Fuel Sources

Solo Stove Pi pizza oven with wood burner

Who doesn’t like having several options? Investing in a Wood & Gas Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven allows you to choose between making traditional wood-fired pizza or making pizza that can be prepared in a matter of minutes via the propane attachment.

Propane burners are an excellent place to start for novices until they get more experience. After gaining a bit of experience, you can begin using wood. You can experiment with different types of wood, sizing, and arrangement to make your perfect pizza.

Easy To Store And Portable

Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven is one of the most portable ovens on the market. It weighs just a third of the Ooni Karu’s 62. 6 pounds and is 15 pounds less than the popular Gozney Roccbox. Because of this, you may take the Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven to a friend’s backyard BBQ, pack it for an outdoor trip, tailgate party or even bring it to a beach bash.

The compact and circular design is also a big plus. Because the diameter of the oven is 21 inches and the height is just 15 inches, it’s less likely that you’ll need to purchase a new table to accommodate this pizza oven in your backyard. Since it has a small footprint, it can be easily stored on a garage shelf. But you will need a few other accessories to begin your pizza making journey.

Very Wide Opening

It’s typical for pizza ovens to have an opening with a size roughly the same size as the pizza stone. Thus, you’ll need to be precise when you place the pizza into the oven since there is little room for error.

The opening of the pizza oven on the Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven is 13 inches, which is 1 inch wider than the pizza stone. Even though it doesn’t seem like much, having that additional inch is a tremendous help when placing the pizza into the oven and rotating it once it is there.

Easy To Clean

Solo Stove Pi pizza oven with flame

How to clean your pizza oven- heat it to a high temperature so that any remaining cheese or dough may be burned away. The next step is to wait until it has cooled to room temperature before brushing it with a wet towel or a brush with stiff bristles.

It is possible to remove the pizza stone and give it a thorough cleaning when necessary. However, doing such on a regular basis is not required. Use a towel dampened with soap to clean the outside of the oven.

Lifetime Warranty

The Solo Stove Pi comes with a lifetime warranty guaranteeing that it is free of any manufacturing faults. Any genuine Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven product purchased from an authorized merchant that’s found to be faulty will be replaced at no cost to the customer.

However, the warranty does not cover any damage caused by usage or by regular wear and tear. Nevertheless, the customer support staff will assist you in analyzing the problem.

In addition, if you purchase via one of Solo Stove’s approved sellers, you are eligible for a 30-day money-back guarantee.


* Excellent airflow

* Very portable

* Easy to store

* Easy to use


* Might be cost-prohibitive to some

* Smaller opening than some of the competitors 16″ models



The Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven is simply a solid choice if you are looking for a portable pizza oven. Perhaps the only downside of this oven is the price, which is more on the expensive side.

While it is true that the Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven may be a bit costlier, you are getting your money’s worth because of its excellent design, durability, and functionality. In fact, it’s hard to make a mistake by getting the Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven.

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